Boa Noite

Street: 05.21
Morningbell = Fruit Bats + Here We Go Magic

Portuguese for “good night,” Boa Noite takes on the theme of wishing someone goodnight, and translates that colloquialism into multiple layers throughout the album. Just as saying “goodnight” can hold multitudes of connotations, the girth of the orchestral arrangements present throughout Boa Noite that reaches across a wide range of emotions and genres. The album’s title track comes right in the middle, and approaches the impending paranoia of being misunderstood, feeling insane and wanting a shoulder to lean a head on to erase such thoughts. My favorite translation comes during “Hush,” a swanky, sassy sayonara about “bad dreams and worried sounds,” but the album ultimately ends on a more positive note, wishing goodbye on peaceful terms. –Brinley Froelich