Mount Eerie
Pre-Human Ideas
P.W. Elverum & Sun
Street: 11.12
Mount Eerie = Electric President + Alaska in Winter
Stripped down and re-recorded, Mount Eerie composed an entire album out of pieces of previously recorded material, dubbed over with new, auto-tuned vocals. Apparently, the songs were originally designed as demos to instruct touring bands, but were soon after turned into a minimalistic, quasi-futuristic version of Mount Eerie’s original songs. So, basically, this is a side project that reworks songs from Ocean Roar and Clear Moon in a much more experimental way, by using new lyrics and expanding on each song’s original idea. Phil Elverum voices everything on the album, his voice ranging from very deep to melodically high-pitched. Though on the surface it may seem simple, Pre-Human Ideas sets out to prove that the electronic can, in fact, be quite natural, and that recomposition doesn’t have to be familiar. –Allison Shephard