Musk Ox



Street: 06.17

Musk Ox = Godspeed You! Black Emperor + Rachel’s

When I can’t seem to find the time to escape the stresses of the city life, music offers a tranquil alternative. Woodfall transports you instantly into feeling like you’re in the middle of a forest, with meditative structures composed with a trio of classical guitar, cello and violin. While the cello and violin engage in an elongated, morose-like waltz throughout the album, the acoustics of the guitar adds a lightness to counter the heavier aspects. I was instantly calmed with “Part 1—Earthrise,” and the melodies maintain this dreamy, soothing sensation of being surrounded by a warm feeling of peace, clear until the final composition, “Part 5—Serenade the Constellations.” –Brinley Froelich