Condemned to the System


Street: 01.07

Nausea = Repulsion + Napalm Death + Majesty

It’s a given that January is going to start with a lot of nausea, but this Nausea is a different kind. It’s the band of grindcore (not the crust punk band) legend Oscar Garcia, who did the vocals on Terrorizer’s World Downfall album. Nausea is back with a new full-length with Garcia handling vocal and guitar duties along with original drummer Eric Castro and some new blood. Unlike Terrorizer’s new material, Nausea retain all the raw glory they did on their Crime Against Humanity record. Condemned to the System is balls-out grind: The drumming is beyond magnificent—there are so many grind records that would love to sound like this album does. This shocks the system so much more than anything Napalm Death has done in over a decade, and I fucking love Napalm Death. As far as “comebacks” go, this gets two big thumbs up right in the eyeballs of the scene. –Bryer Wharton