WhiteWorm Cathedral
Season Of Mist
Street: 10.28
Necrophagia = Cannibal Corpse + Autopsy

Necrophagia returned with their follow-up to 2011’s masterpiece Deathtrip 69 just in time for Halloween, undoubtedly the band’s favorite holiday. The artwork is fucking silly (this coming from a guy who mostly reviews metal albums, for Christ’s sake) but the tunes more than make up for this. Virtuoso and longtime co-conspirator with Sigh, Mirai Kawashima layers eerie, B-movie keyboards over some of the most horror-drenched, wicked death metal imaginable. Newcomer Abigail Lee Nero had no problems assimilating to the unmistakable style of the band and boy, can she shred. The shrill vocals are what you’d expect from founding member and horror movie guru Killjoy, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t kick ass. On the contrary, I’d be disappointed if he had changed anything—it would be like if John Carpenter re-released The Thing with imposing CGI creatures à la George Lucas. I’ll admit, I’m biased on this one, because Necrophagia are one of my favorite bands, but WhiteWorm Cathedral blasts far beyond mediocrity into a realm where it rains Halloween candy and tits. –Alex Coulombe