New Model Army
Between Dog And Wolf
Attack Attack
Street: 09.30.13
New Model Army = Nick Cave + Killing Joke + Neil Young
After a four-year hiatus, NMA have returned with a release less politically motivated than their previous work and are more focused on self-discovery and the lessons of life. It appears that their post-punk-era attitudes may be calming down a bit, now that they are a few years older. This would be perfect for the road trip to Burning Man, or for any fire performance, as it is packed with tribal drum beats, grungy guitar riffs and a pinch of spaghetti Western twang. The lyrics carry you away and make you think. The phrase, “Do they come to see a man fall or to see him fly?” on “Knievel” really had me contemplating about humanity’s obsession with failure and thrill seeking, as well as the need to push life to the limit. –Mistress Nancy