Night Birds
Born To Die In Suburbia
Grave Mistake
Street: 07.09
Night Birds = Circle Jerks + T.S.O.L. + The Nerve Agents
It takes quite a bit to get me to take notice of a new punk band these days. Very rarely do any of them actually feel menacing or dangerous, which may be the most important quality in a punk band, for me. Night Birds, however, seem like the kind of band that could turn on you at any second—a snotty, fast-paced brand of punk that, yes, is reminiscent of ’80s-era bands, but they do so much more than just ape a certain period of hardcore punk. They tap into that anger and aggression, something that anyone can identify with. “Domestic Dispute” is a very sobering commentary on hearing your neighbors fight all night and not wanting to deal with it. Honestly, each track is a dark, entertaining attack on the screwed-up way we all function. Anytime I’m put on my ass by a band like this, I’m excited to know that it can still happen, and even more excited that it’s by a band poised to give me so much more. –James Orme