Night Birds
Maimed For the Masses
Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 05.07
Nights Birds = Dead Kennedys + Germs + Agent Orange
These New Jersey punks nailed the snotty sound of early ‘80s hardcore punk. Each track on this four-song EP is more urgent and intense than the last. The guitar on “Last Grasp” has a surf quality to it. Lead singer Brian Gorsegner’s voice is Keith Morris meets Darby Crash, and lends itself perfectly to what this band is achieving. With so much personality coming out of the first three tracks, it was somewhat of a letdown that the last track, “Boat Trash,” is an instrumental—not that it’s terrible—but after hearing what they are capable of, it’s a small step down to eliminate a key element. If you like fast, manic, frenzied punk rock that’ll put you in mind of some of the best punk bands to ever exist, all while remaining fresh and original, then the Night Birds are for you. Hopefully we’ll get a full-length soon. –James Orme