Review: Night Birds – Mutiny at Muscle Beach

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Night Birds

Night Birds
Mutiny at Muscle Beach

Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 10.02
Night Birds = Sharp Objects + OFF! + Ramones

This is a must-have album, plain and simple. Night Birds never fail to deliver the stunning perfection of a solid-anger, no-bullshit punk sound. Their new album, Mutiny at Muscle Beach, enacts this sound through its 12 tracks of definitive, razor-sharp riffs, angst-filled vocals and beats so ferociously fast that it might as well invoke the insane speed of the Ramones. Top tunes to consider here are “(I’m) Wired,” “In the Red/In the Black” and the damned-and-screwed millennial generation’s political anthem—and personal favorite—“Left in the Middle.” But really, this album has no filler, and after listening to its charged energy, it’s all I can do to not to go out break some heads. So, if you have a brain or half of one, pick this up and drop the needle. Nick Kuzmack