No Joy – More Faithful

Review: No Joy – More Faithful

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No Joy – More Faithful

No Joy
More Faithful

Mexican Summer
Street: 06.09
No Joy = Ringo Deathstarr + Girls Names

No Joy is modern shoegaze perfection, and all their past albums prove that in spades. Even so, I haven’t warmed up completely to this album as quickly as to the others. It’s still got that fuzzy, No Joy flair around every corner—layered, ambient, moody vocals and rough-and-tumble riffs. It’s just that two or three songs lack some of the alluring edge that, like, every single song had on 2013’s Wait to Pleasure. Still, I think the whole album is strongly produced and shows that No Joy are defining themselves as a deliberate, energetic and endlessly creative band. “Hollywood Teeth,” “Everything New” and “Moon in My Mouth” are all stellar tracks, but you should really just go listen to the whole thing ASAP. –Erin Moore