No Turning Back
No Regrets
Fast Break Records
Street: 10.9.12
No Turning Back = Down to Nothing + Madball + Terror Netherlands’ No Turning Back is no one’s favorite band. Sure, they probably have fans since they’ve been around for 15 years, and have seven full-length releases under their belt, but nothing they’re playing on No Regrets touches on any of the keystones of a memorable hardcore album. For a hardcore album to rise above mediocrity, a band needs to do one of the following: bring something innovative, execute a well-worn style with vigor, or get your blood pumping. Unfortunately, for No Turning Back, their latest does none of these things. Their longevity and obvious dedication to hardcore is impressive, but their decidedly mediocre take on NYHC is so snooze-worthy that it’s futile to make a compelling argument to check them out. –Peter Fryer