Odonis Odonis
Hard Boiled Soft Boiled
Buzz Records
Street: 04.15
Odonis Odonis = A Place To Bury Strangers + Alien Sex Fiend + The Jesus and Mary Chain + Slowdive

Hard Boiled Soft Boiled is the second album from this Toronto-based band Odonis Odonis. It’s fitting that this self-described “industrial surf-gaze” group has more to their double name than any singular sound—HBSB is two-sided and explores noise-pop from two different approaches. Side A, Hard Boiled, is a shuddering, abrasive trip though all facets of industrial pop, with modular synth snaps, guitar fuzz and manic vocals/lyrics. Soft Boiled, Side B, is a tribute to spaced-out shoegaze from the early ‘90s. By the time you get to the “Be My Baby” kick-kick-kick-snare on album closer “Alexa Wait,” you can’t unhear the linkages—all noise-pop convention collapses here at the base of this glorious wall of sound. –Christian Schultz