A Memories Chase
Street: 03.05
Ohvaur = Mogwai + Explosions In The Sky + The Album Leaf
Opening with one of the chunkiest bass lines in recent memory, A Memories Chase is an album as musically powerful as the story that led up to it. Inspired by frontman Timothy Den’s childhood spent floating through different cultures and hiding in the US as a less-than-legal immigrant, Ohvaur’s debut is full of sounds and textures that never quite get too comfortable with themselves, building on top of each other into twisting, restless soundscapes that never stop long enough to get old. It’s hard to pin down, but that’s part of the point. Despite its moments of chunky bass and occasionally urgent guitar lines as featured on “Northern Strength,” it’s a soft and meandering album that’s more of a comforting experience than a series of potential singles. There’s a peace here that I haven’t heard in awhile, and can’t recommend highly enough. Take two with headphones and call me in the morning. –Matt Brunk