Old Wounds
From Where We Came Is Where We’ll Rest
Glory Kid LTD
Street: 2.20
Old Wounds = Converge + Disembodied 
There is a certain, special je ne sais quoi about the sound that Jersey-based Old Wounds deliver. It’s not new or groundbreaking, nor is it a completely tried-and-true homage to some old hardcore sound. Devastatingly simple, it is heavy music stripped to its rotted bones and delivered without pretense or gimmick. The high-pitched monotone screams are not something I normally enjoy as a rule, and yet here it works, and it works damn well, especially as it’s traded off with darker growls throughout. There’s a lot of dirtiness to the production in the grinding and the squealing feedback, mixing well with the discordant chemistry of the pissed-off, violent lyrics and aggressive song structures. Expect some really dark sludge on tracks like “Void”, coagulating an already suffocating energy. This album doesn’t let you rest—you almost feel a post-fight catharsis after it’s over. I enjoyed the fuck out of it, and I’m stoked to see what they deliver next. –Megan Kennedy