Outrageous Fun
Trustfund DIY
Street: 11.13.13
Outrageous Fun = Vivian Girls + No Age + Times New Viking
Trustfund DIY moves through the greater lo-fi genre, reminding me of a new group with every song, but always holding an upbeat quality I’d associate with Marvelous Darlings. The album opens with “Town Like This,” which could be Matt Whitehurst of Psychedelic Horseshit singing over Cloud Nothings’ first album. The track “Rock n’ Roll,” perhaps my favorite, opens with a distorted twang I’d expect from The Strange Boys. Then, “Montreal,” played on a relatively clean, reverberated guitar with half-spoken vocals that sound like they’re coming from across an empty hall, vocally resembles Evangelicals. I want to say Outrageous Fun needs to normalize their sound to create a cohesive album, but I also want each song to stay the same. –Steve Richardson