Pacific Mean Time
Street: 05.27
Pacific Mean Time= Kite Flying Society + The Cure + Ben Gibbard + Toro Y Moi

There is way too much trying to happen on this album. It sounds like the band wanted to incorporate all the elements that they like from each genre and, unfortunately, it really doesn’t work. While the album is certainly ambitious, it lacks a definitive sound. Each song attempts to replicate at least one genre or sound. “Minutes to Midnight” sounds like it’s jumping on that new indie-folk-electronic bandwagon I keep hearing. “New Blood” tries to combine The Velvet Underground with Leaving Through the Window-era Something Corporate and some other random rock and electronic elements which ends up congealing into a twangy, gravelly, sugarpop mess. Sound awful? Trust me, it’s just as bad as you’re thinking. Points for trying, guys, but I’m going to pass on this. –Allison Shephard