Paper Dragons

Die To Please

Firestarter Records

Street: 02.02

Paper Dragons = Adolescence + The Dicks

Some of the more snotty sounding vocals in the modern punk scene, Paper Dragons’ Die To Please is a fast and unforgiving album. While sticking close to punk cannon, this album (originally released in 2007) kicks out some aggressive jamsyou can almost hear the sweat dripping through your headphones. For only being 20 minutes of hellish guitar and sore vocals, I felt like I could flip this vinyl over and over again and not get sick of it. Punchy bass lines are the highlight of this album, Kristin Gavigan is all over the neck and never misses a chance to put a little extra something between the folds. “Midnight Bike Rides”, my favorite song on the album, is like a bike accidentimagine you’re bombing a large hill and you hit a pothole—it’s nothing but scabs and road rash. If you’re not a fan of street punk, I suggest you steer clear of this album, because this LP is saturated. –Alex Cragun