Part Time
Virgo’s Maze
Burger Records
Street: 05.19
Part Time = Steely Dan / (Donnie and Joe Emerson + Ariel Pink)

Virgo’s Maze marks the first time Davida Loca, of Part Time fame, has had complete artistic control over an album. Luckily for fans, it’s a double album and features 20 tracks recorded over the last five years. “My Jamey” is taken from a 7” split with Gap Dream released last year, and marks the kitschy synth pop that  Loca has nearly perfected. The rest of the album reveals Loca’s musical journey as he defines the middle ground between breezy yacht rock and sleazy ’80s nightclub ballads. Loca’s Part Time project oozes with ’80s vibes of hazy nights with red lipstick and leather, and Virgo’s Maze contains some of the dreamiest hooks Loca has ever put to tape. “Ganz Wien” is a perfect example of Loca’s musical codeine  à la it’s synthesizers, and just one of the reasons Virgo’s Maze is already on my year-end list. –Justin Gallegos