Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders
14th & Nowhere
Rankoutsider Records
Street: 08.20
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders = The Booze + The Utah County Swillers + Treis Bein
Patt Todd & The Rankoutsiders burst out of Los Angeles with a fast-paced, country rock n’ roll styled with blues and folk mash-up. 14th & Nowhere is full of high energy that plays on the tradition of the last 75 years of American rock n’ roll, best played out on the title track with some exciting, fast and gritty chords, no doubt influenced by the likes of Chuck Berry. Pat Todd provides harsh, western-styled vocals. Though I admit I am not the biggest fan of this western style, Todd nails it. This is best reflected in “Small Town Rock Ain’t Dead,” in which his vocals sync up with the uplifting beat to provide an inspiring, rockin’ song. Other tracks, like “You and Your Damn Dream,” provide a more blues rock sensation. This album is fun and fast. Now go pick it up. –Nick Kuzmack