Static Clang Records

Street: 03.11

Picastro = Rivulets + Coil

This album embodies everything I love about experimental music. You communicates what I like to call “black folk.” Discordant and very strange from start to finish, the album had me wriggling my body around like an eel one moment and thinking I could take no more the next, in a good way. Like most things in life, it was beautiful and horrible at the same time. Outlandish, layered and regularly wailing vocals are smeared over harsh acoustic guitar and warpy, droning soundscapes morphing from the back to the foreground. To put it concisely, there’s a lot going on. “Vampires” sounds fit for a séance and “Baron in the Trees” is sinisterly psychedelic. Bass tones transforming into tinny screeches on the cello round it all out perplexingly. You is an odd album—very odd indeed. –LeAundra Jeffs