Pink Frost
BLVD Records
Street: 09.03
Pink Frost = The Smashing Pumpkins – Billy Corgan + Foo Fighters
Oh, garage rock. I’m glad that you never die. Most often compared to 90s-era Smashing Pumpkins, except without Billy Corgan’s godawful nasally whine, Pink Frost are thick and noisy and energetic and also noisy. And yeah, there’s a lot of noise. “Western Child” starts the album off with a kick-drum-heavy buildup to a full-force wall of sound, immediately declaring the Pink Frost mission statement—loud rock with no fucks given. Taking things down the sparest notch with very Foo Fighters-esque “Ruins,” it reinforces the fairly in-your-face and obvious influences of their rock n’ roll ancestors, but it never feels stale and never wanes in energy. Anybody particularly sensitive to the similarities might learn to loathe it, but I’m still enjoying the hell out of Sundowning. –Matt Brunk