Pink Mountaintops

Get Back


Street: 04.29

Pink Mountaintops = Wire + The Knife – Sonic Youth

Vancouver indie post-punk (for lack of a better term) band Pink Mountaintops’ past members include members of everything from experimental bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor to psych troupes The Warlocks to the heavy purveyors Black Mountain. Their latest release, Get Back, shows an influence from British art punk band Wire (vocals shouted in an almost Cockney accent, minimalist instrumentation and relatively simple riffs). Also British: Their preference for the scatological on “North Hollywood Microwaves.” Pink Mountaintops isn’t a band so much as a musical prank—or, better yet, an impersonation of an art punk band—but it’s clever enough that it’s a better investment of your attention than most of the bands du jour. It sounds like it’s the late ’70s again, right down to the videos of these songs shot with a VHS camera. –Stakerized!