The Drop
Full Time Hobby
Street: 05.08.13
Pinkunoizu = Animal Collective + Suuns
Pinkunoizu recorded The Drop at their home-base: Copenhagen. Essentially, the title of the album is an allusion to the rise and fall in pitch, which is present in every track. The Drop is an experimental set and, at times, can be somewhat of a harsh listen. The intros can be kind of a headache, but I encourage you to keep listening—especially on tracks like “Moped.” They’ve created a total psychedelic experience with The Drop. They’ve combined classic rock-pop characteristics, like drum lines and bursting guitar sounds, but have kept it weird with ghostly vocals, lingering organ chords and unpredictable tone deviation. Although the concept of the album isn’t entirely cohesive, it achieves an encompassing trend of keeping listeners engaged. –Lizz Corrigan