Poison Idea
Kings of Punk [Reissue]
Southern Lord
Street: 11.11
Poison Idea = Poison Idea
In the grand, sordid narrative of Poison Idea’s Kings of Punk (originally released in 1986), was the LP which saw these Portland dust-huff RNR gods tightening their spastic chops and honing in on a more streamlined "hard rock" sound (a sonic shift that’d eventually birth 1990s Feel the Darkness). Southern Lord’s love affair with reissuing old PI records hasn’t let up, and (for once) this reviewer isn’t complaining. These original 11 cuts (comprised of golden nuggets like "Made To Be Broken," "God Not God" and the proto-Discharge chug of "Lifestyles") all get a swift remastering (courtesy of Jack Control of World Burns to Death), three additional live sets’ worth of material (which includes plenty of acerbic Jerry A stage banter and a Motörhead cover) and extensive liner notes full to bursting with flicks, notes and archive flyers. Few hardcore bands deserve more praise than Poison Idea, and these loving reissues are a testament to that. "Trying to do the best that he can/watch this death wish boy becoming a death wish man." –Dylan Chadwick