Poor Remy
Street: 11.12
Poor Remy = Lullaby for the Working Class + (The Civil Wars – Jenny Lewis)
Simplistic musicality is complemented well with heavy harmonizing on this album. The combination expresses angst and fulfillment simultaneously without sounding contradictory. While the album was only four songs long, I was not left wanting. The violin section on “Wrecking Ball” is gorgeously bittersweet and articulated melancholy skillfully. Poor Remy have found a way to reiterate a modern twist on a quintessential style of American music, without sounding routine or unimaginative. This can be attributed mostly to their constant harmonizing. Seriously, there isn’t a single lyric where only one person is singing. Folk transforms into alt-country at the end of “Cave Eyes,” concluding the album pleasantly. Try this one out for a hiking trip or a day in nature. –LeAundra Jeffs