His Best Deceit
Iron Bonehead
Street: 11.17
Possession = Archgoat + Beherit + Bestial Raids
Leave it to Iron Bonehead productions to put the K in kvlt giving these black thrashers from Austria a wider release on what formally is a “demo tape.” That’s all in the eyes of the beholder in regards to the actual status of a release. I take this for the four demolishing tracks it is, and as far as production goes, I’ve heard full-length records sound more “demo” than this. The intro of the title and first track sets the nasty ugly tone for what’s in store: ugly screaming mixed with choir type vocals then with a little slow guitar as the floodgates to hell are opened for some really rotten blackthrash with influences from the old likes of the first Sodom and Bathory records to the hellish tones that Sepultura began with taking into account the band closes out the tape with a cover of Sepultura’s “Necromancer.” His Best Deceit does exactly what a demo should do—burst the curiosity bubble and leave the listener with the taste for more. –Bryer Wharton