Prima Donna
Nine Lives and Forty-Fives
Alive Natural Sound Records 
Street: 02.10
Prima Donna = The New York Dolls + Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
While some might suggest rock n’ roll has been played out after years of use and abuse, Prima Donna are here to say through their defiant, no-shits-given tracks, “Rock and Roll Is Dead,” and “We Don’t Care!” Prima Donna are what L.A. rock n’ roll sounds like at its most pronounced and best. Nine Lives and Forty-Fives is a great addition to the no-bullshit sensibilities of punk while playing on the passionate adolescence of rock n’ roll rebellion. It’s simply electrifying, snotty, fast and defiantly raw. The opening track, “Pretty Little Head,” defines this album’s tire-less energy, and “Like Hell” carries forth awesome riffs and prominent sax. Prima Donna even cover Blondie’s “Rip Her To Shreds,” which, followed up with “Eat Your Heart Out,” tugs at notions of sex-filled rock n’ roll that begs for a flirt with the New York Dolls. –Nick Kuzmack