The Final Revolution
Street: 11.22.13
Pro-Pain = Crumbsuckers + M.O.D. + Pantera
Be prepared to remove the glass from your fist—Pro-Pain’s got a new record. Where the last albums were supposedly in some way soft, The Final Revolution is supposed to harken back to the days of Foul Taste of Freedom. Gary Meskil is pretty much a constant riff creator. Yeah, some of the Pro-Pain records sound the same, but when you’re done listening you always feel like you just got punched in the face. This is 12 cuts of the heaviest shit the band has done in a while. All the qualities you want in a metal record—riffs, grooves, crazy solos—yeah, it fucking rocks. I can’t find a bad song in the bunch. “One Shot, One Kill,” has a mean breakdown in addition to some already maddening guitar work. Ah, it all hurts so good. “Fall From Grace,” and you can’t really go wrong with a song called “All Systems Fail.” I’m not sure what pissed Meskil off so much, but I like it. –Bryer Wharton