How To Clean Everything (20th Anniversary Edition)
Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 08.20
Propagandhi = NOFX + Epitaph-era Dwarves
Oh the ’90s! This was a time when punk rock got really funny, and nowhere is this more prevalent than on Propagandhi’s heavily political, satirical and hilarious debut. For the album’s 20th anniversary, Fat Wreck Chords decided to re-release this album with seven unreleased tracks. The album’s classics like “Haillie Sellasse, Up Your Ass” and “Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your God Damn Ass” are still regarded as fan favorites, but this album is loaded with bonus tracks including “Pigs Will Pay,” in which the band gives their 2 cents on how much they hate the police, and “Homophobes are just Pissed ‘Cause they can’t get Laid” where we get a strong but comedic stance on how homophobes are fucking weak. Of course, no reissue would be complete without some slightly shittier demo versions of some of the album’s coolest songs. Propagandhi’s enjoyably sick sense of humor has managed to hold up for two decades, and I love it. –Eric U. Norris