Under Color of Official Right

Hardly Art

Street: 04.08

Protomartyr = Parquet Courts + Beach Fossils

The intro to Under Color of Official Right might trick you into thinking you’re listening to neo-beach music on par with The Drums. Although the surf-reverberated guitar continues through the first track, the lyrics—sounding as if they’re sung through inflamed vocal chords—shatter the expectations of the surf rock genre. At the center of the album, a few tracks (spanning from “What the Wall Said” to “Bad Advice”) slow things down and come off as a bridge for the album. The two tracks focus on rhythm and spoken vocals with guitar noise and distorted voices echoing from ear to ear (providing you wear headphones). If you’re not stoned, you might want to skip to “Son of Dis,” where Protomartyr push the BPMs back up. No matter what your state of sobriety, it’s worth sticking around for the gothy guitar riff on “Scum, Rise!” –Steve Richardson