Exterminated Malfeasance
Street: 11.20.13
Purgatory = Suffocation + Cannibal Corpse + Deeds of Flesh
I’m hard-pressed to tear this record down at all because of recording/production. I imagine the recording studios in India are a bit limited for metal bands, but the drums are incredibly loud in the mix and have a bit of the overbearing clickety clack effect. The hard-pressed fact comes in the form that the source is actually really good if you get past the drums. Behind the louder noises are stellar death metal groove punches and some just-as-stellar sweet bass playing. Looking at this record from the optimistic point of view, it’s damn pleasing, it just takes a few listens of aural adjustments and you get the full devastating effect of it all. “Repugnant Flesh” and “Uncanny Obsession” reek of the right kind of putrefaction. Drum sound gripe aside, there are about a million fewer albums I’d rather not hear to blast this monster all day. –Bryer Wharton