Play it Again Sam
Street: 01.20
Purple = Deap Vally + The Distillers + No Doubt + At the Drive-In
Simply put, Beaumont-based Purple write exquisite party rock music. It’s rough and raw in all the right places, and they have a keen ear for hooks that stick you deep. Vocals from Hanna Brewer are cutting—somewhere between Courtney Love and Allison Mosshart—and complement the rough-spun guitar tones and vocals from Taylor Busby and the thrusting bass by Joe Cannariato. There’s a scrappy quality that makes the album almost sound off the cuff, but with enough polish that I know they aren’t here to fuck around. “Leche Loco” wraps aggressive vocals and vintage riffs in a Jack White–meets-Misfits pastiche, and the beach rocker “Beach Buddy” is a sonic saunter on the beach with a beer. Sadly, there are more highlights than I have space—there isn’t a single track that sounds like the previous one, and it’s a solid effort from start to finish. Start hearing Purple. –CJ Morgan