Rachel Grimes
The Clearing
Temporary Residence LTD
Street: 05.22
Rachel Grimes = Balmorhea  + Speaks Volumes–era 
Nico Muhly + Rachel’s
There has been nothing that I have heard recently that has been as gripping or cathartic as Rachel Grimes’ newest solo album. Every time I listen to it (tapered down to about one time per day now), I am held under its sway of emotive/half-improvised, percussive piano lines, swelling strings that ring out with crystal-eyed intent and a gut-wrenching saxophone solo on the “The Herald” that forcibly evacuates my spirit from my body every time it comes on. Rachel’s always kept post-rock and classical music in productive tension with each other. Stripped from the auspices of post-rock, however, a Rachel Grimes solo record is everything you expect it to be: a genius, cohesive 21st Century composer’s exploration of wordless landscapes, evocative temperament and flawless production. –Ryan Hall