Radiation City
Animals in the Median
Tender Loving Empire
Street: 05.21
Radiation City = Dominant Legs + Vampire Weekend
As the first track, “Zombies” began, my imagination pranced to a breezy field of poppy blossoms in the Pacific Northwest. “Animals” wafts over digital speakers of every type with the fuzzy and endearing tone of a record player. Languid guitar melodies and heavily overlapping vocals are a tribute to ’50s rock n’ roll and jazz, while the prominence of the surfy synthesizers contrasts the old-school style with contemporary, charming elements. Tracks range from the leisurely and seductive, “Wash of Noise,” to optimistic, transformational folk ditties, like “L.A. Beach”. Their gorgeous mix of classic romanticism and upbeat pop is incredibly infectious. –LeAundra Jeffs