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2% - VA


Reduced Phat

The first album off Florida’s Reduced Phat label has marked the music world with the brilliant 2% non-compilation. For starts, the trigger-release CD case lets you know you have something different and good in your hands. Drum’n’Bass, break core and electronica fuse three musicians into one cohesive and addictive sect of the post-industrial sub-genre. Enduser, Subsektor and Edgey are the artists spotlighted with two original tracks each and those same two tracks remixed by the other two artists, for a total of 12 solid tracks. Not only is it a great idea to introduce three artists in this format, but also, this is an innovative way to get the goods out there without being cheated by one good track on a compilation. Enduser brings it on with a pop and lock of forcefully elegant bass and rapid beats on “Death Vest” and “Broken Target.” Then Subsektor brings it with intense chaos and deliciously abrasive rhythms consumed in ominous textures on “The Breed.” Edgey puts it all on the table with schizoid madness on “Brutalities End” and “Indigna”. The six remixes are carefully cut up and masterfully pieced back together into even more mutanized glitchiness. Talent does not fall short with these three caffeinated beat masters. I can confidently say that you do not have to be a fan of Drum’n break-tronica to easily be won over with 2% of Reduced Phat. This is the first of three very promising non-compilations.


This review originally appeared in Modus Operandi, December 2004, Issue 192.