Review: Amateur God – Around The Corners Of Our Minds

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Amateur God - Around The Corners Of Our Minds


Black Rain

Perhaps it isn’t a fair fight, but it’s on anyway. Attrition’s Martin Bowes and whatever cohorts he decides to bring along have been making dark electronic music since long before anyone thought up the phrase “dark wave.” Amateur God? Really, I haven’t a clue. They’re from Slovenia and someone wants me to believe that they sound like a Nine Inch Nails/Bjork hybrid. But that’s not the point. Essentially the two albums are alike; minimal electronics with supplemental instruments for flair and a combination of male and female vocals. Neither are likely to be played in clubs outside of Germany or possibly the occasional daring Goth DJ who’s bent on introducing something new. Of the two, Amateur God takes more risks and inevitably falls short more often. Attrition sticks with the sound they’ve been cultivating for years and succeed in creating a cohesive album. Who wins? Attrition’s use of live strings and the more distinct female vocals do, even if Martin has done little to change the gravel of his vocal and the sparseness of the music. So I guess I’ll look past the soft-core Die Form cover of Dante’s Kitchen and enjoy it as it bumps along. Although, ideally I’d like to see Martin take on the challenge of creating an album that sounds nothing like those that came before. Attrition will play Urban Lounge Feb. 4th.
This review originally appeared in Headphones, January 2005, Issue 193.