Review: Bastards – Siberian Hardcore CD

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Propaganda Records

While Appendix showed varied songwriting and influences from ’77 punk to proto-hardcore, Bastards stuck mostly to fast Discharge-inspired ‘core with few slow or melodic parts. Discharge has inspired tons of generic-ass punk bands, but Bastards have chops that make their songs interesting and memorable despite the faster pace. This isn’t the thrash of today that sounds like a badger fighting a wolverine in a metal garbage can, this is fast hardcore punk with discernible vocals, catchy-but-mean guitar work and no blast-beats.


Those From Farther To Whatever bands have zero awareness of hardcore punk’s history, so why not listen to the bands that were a part of that history instead? Propaganda Records can be reached at for discographies, ordering info and other shit. You can also find tons of good stuff about Finnish punk on the Kill From The Heart web site at


This review originally appeared in Wasted Life, October 2004, Issue 190