Review: Burnt Books – Self-titled

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Burnt Books

At A Loss Recordings
Street Date: 01.29
Burnt Books = His Hero is Gone + Fuck The Facts + Kazu Makino

Putting it up in front here: if you’re looking for experimental crust punk, pick this up. This album is as close to a curb stomp as you’re going to get. The members of Burnt Books are bringing their A-game here. Interwoven with hardcore and punk riffs (peppered with banjo, and I’m being serious), this album is pretty crusty, like beer scum and scabs. Burnt Books ain’t your typical Southern punk band, and manage to pull from several different influences without muddying up the water. There are moments where you can hear clear doom influence, and then “bam!” you’re in the middle of a Blonde Redhead or a folksy Joy Division song. I don’t know how they pull it off, but they better come to Utah soon. –Alex Cragun