Review: CeCe Rogers – It’s Alright

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CeCe RogersCeCe Rogers
It’s Alright

Swing City

Ahhhhhh. The GN is back! After the recent success of “Come On & Dance,” the living legend CeCe Rogers returns with a song that will stay in your head as well as in your record box. This features three mixes from “Gee’s Classic Club Mix,” a heavy vocal number expanding the true vibrancy of the man behind the swinging sounds, to the “Dubstrumental” and “Overture” mixes, both extensions of the A-side classic. Laden with soulful vocals, beautiful keyboard lines and groovy melodies—come on now—just pick it up already! I recommend this nice little number, especially for you big-room boys (and girls, of course) that enjoy vocals and heavy beats.
This review originally appeared in Headphones, June 2005, Issue 198.