Review: Gliss Langsom – Dans

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Langsom Dans

Modern Outsider Records
Street: 01.22
Gliss = Blonde Redhead + Beach House + Depeche Mode

Langsom Dans is Danish for slow dance, and slow is the common thread throughout the third full-length from the Danish/American trio, Gliss.This album is whispery, moody, and perfectly suited for an icy winter. Boisterous drums make a great sidekick to the atmospheric echoing of “A To B.” The word lush doesn’t quite capture the fluttering whirls and dreamscape of “Into The Water,” and the richness of the string instrumentation on “Waves” sweeps you into a sea of emotion, which leads into the inviting, upbeat melodies of “Sea Tonight.” Delicate guitars, ghostly vocals and sonic beats echo and fade on “In Heaven.” The songs on Langsom Dans are lyrically abstract, artistically beautiful and rich with genuine emotion. –Courtney Blair