Review: Hidden Towers – Olympus Mons

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Hidden Towers
Olympus Mons

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Street: 01.08
Hidden Towers = Queensryche + Soundgarden

Hidden Towers is an advanced species of grunge and power metal, but more than that. Words don’t fully describe what this duo (assisted on drums by Jakub Svoboda) from Vancouver are up to. I spent a good part of a week researching power metal bands from years gone by to nail them, but alas, I’m still stumped. Some moments, you can catch Ratt lurking in the verses, then find Symphony X in the breakdowns and Mudhoney all over the place. However, that description falls all to shit when you take into account the drums—they’re straight up math rock, proggy. Dream Theater and At the Drive-in fans alike can listen to the beats in here. Hidden Towers turn the overly showy, technical aspects of power metal down and gives you music worth listening to. Though the album sags a bit at the midpoint (see “Nobody Knew How High She’d Get”) and the lyrics are a bit cheesy, it’s an example of properly executed anti–nu metal, hybrid rock. Finally, if just for the laughs, check out “Son of the Dragon”—that track is pure Viking Metal. I’m not sure Chris Cantrell’s intentions were sincere or semi-humorous, but it totally reminded me of “Daffy Duck the Wizard” from Looney Tunes (yes, I watch cartoons, fuck off). –Alex Cragun