Review: Infected Mushroom – Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 1

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Infected Mushroom
Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 1

Dim Mak Records
Street: 01.22
Infected Mushroom = Major Lazer + Prodigy + Daedalus

This new collaboration-based EP from Israel’s Infected Mushroom seriously caught me off guard, but in the best of ways. Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 1 is an array of musical masterpieces that shows off the producing skills of the infamous duo. From the reggae-fused “Where Do I Belong?” to the techno-charged  “Astrix on Mushrooms,” there’s something for everyone to fall in love with on this EP. With its deep bass and sweet melodic synths, “Astrix on Mushrooms” (a collaboration with Astrix) is a banger that every DJ should have in their arsenal. “Where Do I Belong?” featuring Hope 6 reminded me of Sublime if they were to ever have a baby with Major Lazer. Easy going drums, fun reggae influence synths and a Rasta rapping over it all make it the perfect track to either dance or just get high on Mary Jane to! This four-track EP may be small, but it packs quite the wallop! –Mama Beatz