When Push Comes To Shove

Street: 05.21.11
Bullbuckers = Bob Marley + Ziggy Marley

As my half-assed equation will probably indicate, I don’t listen to a lot of reggae, but after reviewing reggae-punk hybrids Authority Zero and Ballyhoo! a little while ago, I accepted the opportunity to check out some more and expand my mind a bit. I have been told that I was probably supposed to be high as fuck while listening to this album, but as it is, that warm, brass-heavy sexiness did the job even running on sobriety. Apparently their name roughly means someone who commands attention, and that’s a fair title to claim for a band responsible for the unmistakable groove-like sensation tingling its way through my body. For a veteran of the genre, the odd lyrical cadence and Jamican-inspired beats are probably par for the course, but for a newcomer, it’s infectiously happy. Do your soul a favor and try it on for size. –Matt Brunk