Industrial Park
Toxic Pop Records
Street: 04.04
Industrial Park = Sisters of Mercy + Dinosaur Jr.
I had to change the drive wheel on my turntable to listen to Industrial Park, and wasn’t looking forward to taking the time unless the experience would be worthwhile. Side B (“May”) is pretty good. There is nothing to be heard here that hasn’t been done before, but the songs are decent. Vocalist/guitarist Emma Barnett’s vocals fall into a lower register, akin to Nika Danilova in pitch. This serves the songs well tonally, and it’s one of the aspects of Industrial Park’s music that I like most. I doubt that I’ll be reaching for this EP again soon, simply because it’s not really fitting my mood or interests as of late, but it works for what it is—a few minutes and a bit of grunge/post-punk with some gothy melody. So check it, if that’s your thing. The vinyl’s pretty too. –T.H.