Start Over
The Sound Refuge
Street: 01.20.12
Mavis = Fruit Bats + Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
This is an album that would be easy to skip over unless you were looking, since its spine is unassuming strummy guitar and modest, youthful vocals. It’s worth a look, though—the tracks are pleasant and short, and there is something sweet about the juvenile, acoustic sound. The track “Start Over” is the highlight of the album, with a savvy guitar melody and accompanying vocal harmony. “Always Surprised” features a harmonica and “Mother’s Knee” adds a female vocalist, which are two elements that would make Mavis’ overall sound more dynamic if used more fully and frequently. Start Over was recorded live, with only one or two takes to avoid a “dry, dead sound,” (see which works well since this album isn’t very long. However, Start Over would make more sense if it were an EP, since six songs isn’t quite satisfying enough to be a full-length album. –Kia McGinnis