Everyday Battle
RNR Disgrace
Street: 03.01
Peacebreakers = Boston Hardcore + USHC ’82

Here are some Boston HC rippers who’ve finally committed these songs to wax. PBs get a pass for not monkeying the formula too much (ripsnorting HC punk with no filler) and for irking PC flag-wavers with songs like “Foreign Exchange.” Sonically? Negative Approach is the best reference point I can come up with, but peep the laundry mix of ex/current-members-of’s (Waste Management, Prisoner Abuse, Blank Stare) for a good lesson in BHC’s talent roster, past n’ present. Super solid, super competent and essentially perfect in every way. At six songs, it’s a fast listen that dudes who read Chunks, Hardware and Town of Hardcore (ahem) will dig, and those who (ugh, still?) follow MRR won’t get or will deem “unlistenable” based on their current fly-by-night obsession with vegan folk “metal” and anti-American pinko protest PONK. It’s riffs, throat and drums all tied together with churlish apathy and mindless anger—like the demo, only better. Join or die. –Dylan Chadwick