Soft Metals
Captured Tracks
Street: 07.16
Soft Metals = Glass Candy + Chris & Cosey
Lenses’ cover art is a bold statement of Soft Metals’ aesthetic and process. We’ve seen nearly the same kiss before, on their self-titled debut, and, musically, they’ve made a similar statement—retro-synth explorations carved into Italo-disco driven pop songs. I believe this is not more of the same, but an expansion of the familiar. “Tell Me” is a cold wave kids beautiful dream of a dance track, with Ian Hick’s icy synths its driving force, pierced by Patricia Hall’s longing vocals. “Hourglass” and “In the Air” should also incite you baby bats to disco. Feel the pulse—filter your burgeoning goth desire with Lenses. –Christian Schultz