Sweet Apple
The Golden Age of Glitter
Street: 04.08
Sweet Apple = KISS + The Replacements + Sweet

J Mascis’ signature geetar-wailing paired with John Petkovic’s (Cobra Verde) trembly vocals results in a glistening, ’70s-esque powerpop juggernaut. A follow-up to their critically heralded debut, The Golden Age of Glitter takes unabashed cues from sweet FM radio-rock and even glam à la Slade, but plants an eye keenly on the same kind of thunderous indie-ROCK that made bands like Superchunk so universally loved (“Troubled Sleep”). Standouts include “Wish You Could Stay (a Little Longer)” featuring guest vocals by Mark Lanegan and the sad yet anthemic “Let’s Take the Same Plane.” Great for rockin’ solo or on a long-ass drive with the ‘rents. Interestingly, six of these cuts will get the Internet treatment and be featured in six thematically connected music videos spanning a variety of locales and featuring an accomplished assemblage of indie-rock royalty. Huzzah. –Dylan Chadwick