Swingin’ Utters 
Poorly Formed 
Fat Wreck 
Street: 02.19  
Swingin’ Utters = Stiff Little Fingers + SNFU + US Bombs 
What can I say about the Swinging Utters? That they’re an amazing band that always manages to come up with ways to never sound hackneyed or worn-out. That Poorly Formed ranks amongst this fan’s favorite releases from the band’s nearly quarter-century career. I am saddened by the loss of Spike Slawson on bass; he was a great personality in the Utters, but the band takes the loss in stride, as they sound tighter than ever. “Take a Walk With a Postman” is an exceptionally fascinating song because it’s a punk rock song over the top of a reggae tune, done in a different way than has been done before. The most standout element of this album is Johnny Bonnel’s vocals—they thoroughly shine on this record. He somehow keeps his signature gravely voice, but at the same time, is more melodic than he’s ever been. What I can say about the Swinging Utters is that they are full of witty lyrics, shrewd songwriting and construction, and great performances. –James Orme