In a Warzone


Street: 06.24

Transplants = Life Won’t Wait-era Rancid + Devil’s Brigade

After breaking up in 2005, shortly after the release of their second album Haunted Cities (I would’ve broken up after that album too…), this rap/punk supergroup has returned with a fun (if kinda dumb) new album. The emphasis on hip hop is far lessened on In a Warzone, with Tim Armstrong’s signature guitar sound propelling the project forward and recalling the aggressive punk style of Rancid 2000. Skinhead Rob, always more of a screamer than a rapper anyway, is actually pretty fucking good on this album, especially the title track. More vocals from Armstrong would’ve been great, though, especially since this is the best album he’s worked on since his 2006 solo effort. The hip hop element is still prevalent, especially on “Something’s Different,” which features verses by Bun B and Equipto, but it’s in the album’s angry punk rock swagger that In a Warzone shines brightest. –Ricky Vigil